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“Welcome to softsoulmusicradio…softsoulmusicradio is a mixture of several forms of music…Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock, the smoothest of...R&B, and Drum & Bass….And of course Easy Listening Music….At softsoulmusicradio….We put you in groove, and keep you in a groove..It’s candy for your ears…And expansion for your mind. So Sit Back, Relax, and let your Imagination Run Wild....We’re softsoulmusicradio"Scrutch program  director

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                          Softmixx Comments

Here are some comments about a few of the Softmixxes on,       softsoulmusicradio, by the folks that picked the tracks...

There are some Softmixx that start with the theme music from a TV show, or Movie. For instance, the Softmixx "Winter Apogee". This Softmixx starts with the Universal Pictures  opening Theme,  then into a Peter White track..., Here We Go...Or the Softmixx  "Ray Of Light". This Softmixx starts with the theme from, Game Of Thrones. Then flows into a nice Smooth Jazz track...

scrutch / Program Director

                       Chilling With My Baby Softmixx

The Chilling With My Baby Softmixx, is one hour and eighteen minutes of pure Bliss, Mixed to relax you totally. So when you're having a stressful moment, you need the, Chilling With My Baby Softmixx.  With tracks like, Silent Life, Evening Groove, Richard Elliot and Summer Madness, Jjos and Breakfast In Ibiza, Howard Hewitt and When Will It Be.......I could go on...Pure Bliss.... Yesss!...Listen for the Chilling With My Baby Softmixx, right here on softsoulmusicradio....

scrutch/Program Director